12 self-care saves to get you through May


12 self-care saves you’ll be needing this month

Isolation has hit us all hard and well, it’s about time we gave ourselves a little treat don’t you think? With May being mental health awareness month, there’s never been a better time to whack out the face masks, burn some sweet-smelling organic candles and stick on your favourite film. To ensure you’re pampering yourself with the best of the best, we’ve complied a list of 12 self-care saves you’ll be needing to turn your flat into the ultimate haven of respite and relaxation.

1. Beeswax Balm by Millbee Studio

beeswax balm dry skin

Soak yourself in this soothing multi-purpose balm with lavender. Handmade in Ireland using the purest natural ingredients, Millbee balm contains 100% natural beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter and organic lavender oil which all help to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. It can be massaged on elbows and knees or used daily to soften dry and worn-out hands. Chill and relax with a natural lavender aroma while massaging your temples or pulse points. Coming in two convenient options, a 60ml glass jar or 50ml tin, both can be reused or recycled – a win, win!

2. Essential Oils by Handmade in Donegal

Inhale the soothing aromas of Handmade in Donegal’s essential oils for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Available in three scents, lemongrass, cedar wood and tea tree, you can release the fumes that’ll match your mood. With many functions, essential oils are a must when it comes to self-care and you can pretty much use them in any way you want from aromatherapy to perfumery and general use around the home. Quick – add them to your basket, before everyone else cops on!

3. Beardsmith Complete Box

One for the bearded faces among us, we know all the men out there enjoy indulging in a wee bit of pampering from time to time. Get your hands on this complete kit featuring a range of products from Ireland’s own, Beardsmith, hailing from the gorgeous Wild Atlantic Way. All eco-friendly and 100% au natural, these shampoos, oils and soaps will leave your face feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom, and who wouldn’t want that, right?

4. Beeswax Pair | Pillar Candles by Millbee Studios


Another gorgeous steal from the beeswax professionals, these candles will ignite your evening in the sweetest way possible. Handmade and natural, these candles are hand-rolled in their studio in the midlands of Ireland using 100% beeswax and cotton wicks. Producing a beautiful warm glow and wafting a subtle scent through your home, this is the perfect remedy to cure any anxiety or stress you’ve been feeling – all you need now are some matches, that glass of vino you’ve been waiting for and a good book to get lost it.

5. Shower Scrubbies by Ragbone

Coming in a set of three, scrub the day away with these funky little exfoliator pads perfect for buffing up that beautiful bod of yours. Fully reusable and handmade, the scrubbies are made to clean and gently exfoliate and can be used on the face too. After a relaxingly warm shower, simply through them in the washing machine and – hey presto! – they’re good as new, ready to go again whenever needed.

6. Shampoo Duo Gift Box by Eco Mutt

Here on the Marketplace we strongly believe everyone’s entitled to their fair share of self-care – even your favourite furry friend! Scented with Rosemary, Lavander & Mandarin aromatherapy oils, Eco Mutt shampoo will leave your dog smelling like a field of flowers. Containing 1 x shea butter liquid shampoo and 1 x dry Oatmeal powder shampoo, this set is the paw-fect way to show your pet just how much you really do love them.

7. Hand-bound A5 Cork map notebook by Silver Scribe

As well as caring for your outward appearance, self-care is just as much about reflecting on your inside state of mind. Pick up one of these brilliantly bound journals and spill your most burning thoughts onto its crisp pages. Take some time out to explore your emotions in words and indulge in the therapeutic act of writing down how you feel. Not to mention, the outside of this notebook is so aesthetically pleasing it’ll bring you peace just looking at it.

8. A moment of calm by Fran Halpin Art

Staying on the topic of caring for your mind, what better way to achieve a state of calm than by purchasing a piece of ultra-relaxing art to hang on your wall. The blue tones of the sea in this limited edition print won’t fail to make you take a deep breath every time you lay eyes on it. Besides the soothing aura it fills the room with, the aesthetic value of the image will bring colour and depth to any room you hang it in.

9. Quilt in a bag by Ragbone

Self-care is all about comfort and cosiness so a quilt is an essential item to top of your pamper party. Coming in a variety of floral prints, these handcrafted patchwork quilts even come with matching drawstring bag. Made from repurposed cotton fabrics, the top layer is pieced into a simple pattern chosen to show off the fabric design. Inside the quilt is super soft cotton wadding, followed by a cotton fabric backing. I don’t know about you but that spells C O M F O R T to me, like I’ve never heard before.

10. Sparkle from the inside out

Looking good on the outside doesn’t have to mean slathering mashed up avocado all over your face and scrubbing your body with old coffee granules. Spice up your life and return the twinkle to your eye by indulging in a spot of retail therapy – after all as the saying goes, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’! Shop the massive collection of handmade, carefully crafted jewellery on the Marketplace and swan around the living room dazzling your housemates and feeling like you’re a million bucks.

11. Origami squirrel style pattern hoodie by Stencilize

As we’ve already established, the key to a cosy night of self-care is absolute comfort and what better way to achieve that than to get your hands on one of these soft, sublime, original hoodies? Coming in a variety of colours and animal stencils, these garments are completely uni-sex so you can effortlessly swap with your other half – if you needed any more of a reason to part ways with your wallet’s contents!

12. The Dude cushion by Karen Hickey

Last but by no means least, before you settle into an evening of complete relaxation don’t forget to order yourself a pretty pillow to rest your head. This artwork was created in 2017 for the Electric Picnic Festival and has been printed onto organic, fair trade, non allergen cotton in Ireland. Add a pop of colour to your home with this vibrant home-grown cushion that’ll keep you in that cosy mood whilst you pamper yourself silly!

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