5 easy things this baby photographer does to settle newborns

Teresa works with babies A LOT!

You can check her photography packages out -> here, so very talented and makes me want to have another baby…eh ok maybe not!

I often wonder how photographers get such brilliant images of newborns.

Teresa shares her tips for every new parent out there that is struggling to settle their newborns.

Thanks Teresa x

Newborn babies cry for a reason, to have a need tended to. Usually, the baby is hungry, in pain, cold, overstimulated or they just need to be held. As new parents, we usually go through this list until we find the solution. But what do we do when nothing is working?


I certainly had moments as a new mother when I had tried everything, nothing seemed to help and I just didn’t know how to soothe my newborn baby. It’s very easy to doubt yourself at times like these but we’ve all been there.

I wish I had known about these soothing techniques
when I was a new mother

My children are older now and I’ve been working as a newborn and family photographer for five years. I’ve had to learn how to keep a baby content during a shoot or I wouldn’t be able to do my job. This is when I came upon   “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp M.D. Dr Karp available on Amazon, click here. Dr Karp came up with The 5 S’s, a soothing technique for newborns with 5 tried and tested steps.

Basically the 5 S’s mimic the womb environment. After birth, newborns suddenly find themselves in a strange, bright and cold environment. By using the 5 soothing techniques of Swaddling, Side/Stomach position, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking, the womb is replicated and baby will be almost immediately calmed and comforted.

1. Swaddle

The first step is to swaddle baby reasonably tight. By keeping the arms and legs secure the startle reflexes are eliminated and this keeps baby feeling snug and secure. She might cry while being swaddled but will calm down really quickly once the swaddle is secure.

baby girl newborn wrap swaddle

2. Side or Stomach Position

Many newborns suffer from wind and colic. Holding baby in front of your body on her side or stomach helps to relieve any aches she may have.

sleepy newborn baby stomach tummy belly pink blanket

3. Shush!

Shushing is the third ‘S’ and should be done nice and loud, close to baby’s ear so she can hear it over her crying. Otherwise it is just and irritant and won’t help to soothe. Can you imagine how noisy it is inside the womb? Try to replicate this with your shushing. White noise machines can also work really well. You can vary the sounds by adding womb noises and a heartbeat. You’ll find a really handy portable one on Amazon by clicking here. https://amzn.to/2zMCrT7

4. Swing

The fourth step in the 5 S’s is swinging. Newborns have just spent months being jiggled about and rocked to sleep. Fast, small movements to jiggle baby to sleep or just a state of calm work best.

baby boy awake newborn mothers hands

5. Suck!

Sucking is the final step to soothing your newborn. The action of breastfeeding, bottle feeding or sucking a soother satisfies baby’s natural urge and can soothe almost immediately after following the 5 S’s from step one.

new baby, soother, dummy, newborn, sucking

When I feel it’s appropriate, I use these methods during newborn sessions to help babies stay settled and calm. They always work and many parents say that they go on to use them long after I am gone.

I suggest you try them out or share this article with someone who might benefit and hopefully you will soon have a happy, calm newborn.

Don’t forget if you have some helpful hints yourself include them in the comments below!

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