5 tips for going back to school

It’s been, give or take, seven long gruelling months where kids have been cooped up like little chickens in their living rooms, parents have been playing teacher and overall chaos has ensued but FINALLY the gates are open once again and school is back. Whilst a great step forward in terms of navigating life after the pandemic, it’s understandable that children and parents alike may be feeling those Sunday night jitters a little more than usual ahead of this return. Here’s five great tips to ease you back to school and into the swing of things!

1. Routine

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Establishing that solid day to day schedule will be the key to getting things back to normal from the word go. Once you have this routine going again, the children will feel more settled and will be reminded of how things used to work. Set good intentions with homework, meal and bed times meaning that sense of structure they’ll have in the classroom will follow them home too, making the transition from months of uncertainty, all the easier.

2. COVID Preparations

Despite wanting to make it feel as normal as possible, we do have to face the fact that there will be a difference going back to school in 2020. Make things easier on your children by doing some at-home preparations before they go back into the classroom. Go out and invest in funky, cute face masks for them to wear with their uniforms and find some little hand sanitisers to match meaning they’ll be protected at all times. Explain to them about social distancing rules and the lack of interaction from the teachers around the kitchen table so they know what they’re getting into on day one.

3. Lend a helping hand

Set aside time after school to help out with homework and check in with your children about their day. Going back to the classroom after such a long break will be daunting for them, especially from an academic stand point if some of them feel left behind. Make it part of the evening to go over their assignments and ask if they are understanding each subject. Maybe create a dedicated hour at the weekend to catch up on anything they feel they’re a little bit lost in to help quash any sense of overwhelm.

4. Celebrate Fridays

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This year, everyone’s favourite day of the week will taste even sweeter so make sure to celebrate it! Getting to the end of the week will be a sigh of relief initially so reward your little ones with a treat of some sort, whether that be of the sugary kind or a trip to the park. Make it a marker to look forward to for when things get a little difficult during the week and fuss over their completion of another week at school (at least for the first little while). Pour a rosé for yourself too, while you’re at it as it’s as much an accomplishment for you as it is for them.

5. Immunity

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As the dreaded winter approaches and the sniffles return, stock up on vitamins and healthy, fresh food to fight off any nasty germs. This will be especially important for the year that’s in it so start like you mean to go on by putting fruit in lunchboxes and leafy greens with dinners. Why not have a look for an extra supplement you could give them each morning to boost their immune systems straight away?! It’s also important for you parents to stay healthy too so look after yourselves and don’t stress… it will all be okay in the end, you’ll see!

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