5 ways to put on a festival in your own back-garden

How to have a festival without leaving the house


COVID 19 has come and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be fully taking a hike anytime soon, however this doesn’t mean all summer festivities have to go out the window. Oh no, you can still have a boogie over a few cans and watch the sunrise to the backdrop of your favourite tunes, it’ll just have to be in an unconventional way – like, say from the comfort of your own back-garden!

Here at the Marketplace we’re all about helping you guys have the best time possible so we’ve complied a nifty little checklist of ways to recreate EP in your very own home.

1. Vibe Check

The very first thing you’ll need to do to ensure you achieve the ultimate DIY festival is to create an unmistakable atmosphere. Head to your nearest pound shop and get your hands on as many fairy lights as you can. String them across every inch of your outside space, mix and match colours, hell through in a few tikki touches and you’ll have yourselves the ultimate indie vibe that encapsulates every festival you’ve ever been to. Next it’s time to deck things out with cushions, soft throws, tables, a DJ booth and a place to prop up your laptop so you can tune into the virtual stage that’ll supply your entertainment for the night – it’ll be as if you’re there in the flesh.

2. Cocktails Galore

In order to really get the party started, create a themed menu of drinks to serve to your fellow festival goers. Whether it’s fruity cocktails that get you going or you prefer something that packs a little more of a spicy punch, stock up on ingredients and set up a makeshift bar so you can create the perfect concoctions for everyone in the audience. Don’t forget to order in some beers and other options too for those who don’t quite fancy mixing their drinks!

3. Feed the Masses

If you’re going to be dancing till dawn then provisions to keep spirits high and energies up, are a definite must. Throw on the barbecue, get some heat on the grill and recreate those overpriced, yet delicious food trucks that park at every festival. Having a BBQ is a great idea as it allows you to cater for the vegans, veggies and carnivores with no hassle at all. Think about getting some nibbles, chuck some crips in a bowl, have a stash of choccie waiting for when the night starts to wind down and I’d say you’re pretty ready for a great evening.

4. Dress the Part

Go all out and send your guests a dress code to complete the overall experience. We’ve all been enjoying getting back into salons and hair dressers so take the opportunity to get glammed up, show off those highlighted locks and luscious nails and fish out your best festival outfits. Coachella won’t know what hit ’em. (Visit our guide to festival accessories for some inspiration)

5. Capture the Moment

You know what they say – if it didn’t happen on Instagram, it didn’t happen, right! Well, not really but it is a cool idea to set up a little Photo Booth so you can look back on how awesome this night was in future times. Make it funky with quirky decor throw up a sheet as a backdrop and set a camera waiting on a tripod and voila, your very own festival photographer. Have a few battery packs lying around so people can plug their phones in and maybe get your hands on a disposable to have those festival films to print after the night’s over.

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