6 Christmas day gift ideas when Mammy is a hipster!

Top 6 Christmas Gift ideas when you have a hipster Mammy

Christmas Day Gift Ideas

Mammy can put the fear of god into ya but in the same sentence, Mammy can make you feel all squishy and safe too right?

But what the feck is a Hipster Mammy & how does she make you feel?


The Hipster Mammy is …

A mother who likes to listen to music rather than watch Eastenders * let’s be honest here Eastenders and all those soaps are pure negative brain shite * …there I said it.

She enjoys fashion but knows where to draw the line.

She makes you feel slightly under pressure, do I have to be all hipstery too?

She also makes you want to know more about the underground Irish music scene just so you can keep up with her Spotify playlist.

You admire her but kind of resent her for not having a flowery housecoat, rosary beads and zero knowledge of social media.

HANG ON….who said rosary beads can’t be all hipster?

Check out our very own Biscuit Marketplace cool rosary bead creator Mary Varilly 

Then there is the challenge of getting her a gift that actually impresses her. Christmas is looming so we have put together a list of the…



This gift set is perfect for any Mammy or eh female actually.

It will cost you €50.50 and you don’t even have to wrap it! Sorted!

Treat her from head to toe with a box of beautiful aromatherapy goodies that will have her feeling like a pampered Queen!

Gorgeous skin-loving Signature soap to wash with and Whipped Body Butter to slather on afterward.

Their top-selling signature product of Naturally At The Wrens Nest Hardworking Hands Cream is in here too ( my absolute favorite hand cream EVER! ) and Happy Feet because all Mammies work hard and are constantly run off their feet.

Show her, or the mother figure in your life, just how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she does for you!

It all comes beautifully gift wrapped and ready to hand over like a delighted child!



On-trend for Christmas and you know she will want a new pair for her girly boozy lunch dates over the hols.

These four completely different earring designs are all dipped in shades of being an alternative fashion guru over the tinsel season.

It also gives your Mammy some interesting pointers to her girlfriends as she showcases her support for the Irish Creative.

Prices range from €28 to €55.


“Pointed Elegance”, handcrafted spear-like earrings in 92.5 sterling silver with large oval multi-faceted Blue Topaz gemstones.

Perfect for women who dig the vintage vibe.

by Carolina Designs €110


Pink Petal Earrings.

Handmade lightweight beads, sterling silver ear wire.

A great pair of earrings ideal for every occasion and will certainly make a statement.

Created by the talented Valg Studio €30


Contemporary triangle earrings when red statement is needed

Made with love and passion.

Valg Studio €35


We all know how important our minds and bodies are and as we get older this is really at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If your Mum is new to meditation or perhaps she is toying with the idea and just doesn’t know where to start I STRONGLY advise she goes for a guided meditation.

Patricia Fitzgerald who is an internationally renowned mandala artist has created a super guided meditation download * €9.99

It covers…

Morning Meditation (10 mins)

Gratitude Meditation (13 mins)

Overcoming Fear Meditation (16 mins)

Creative Visualisation Meditation (34 mins)

Forgiveness Meditation (22 mins)

Evening Meditation (8 mins)

Meditation for Deep Sleep (20 mins)




Ok, we ALL know how Mammy’s love moving furniture, re-wallpapering, re-designing and having that project on the go.

The home is very important to our Mothers so GET A LOAD OF THIS!

This lady Aine Atara is AMAAAAAAAZING…( note all the A words )

She offers a lot of pretty cool services but I LOVE this one.

You send 4 images of your home and she returns them marked up with advice comments so you can go and change, alter the space to experience a more harmonious home.

Check her out here and grab this really Hipster gift right here.

interior design advice feng shui


Every Mammy wants a family portrait. No matter how old ye are, the idea of getting all the family together in Sunday best is such a thrill for a Mammy.

She will be able to show off her family and sure a meal out afterward would be pretty cool too. Ya might as well give the outfits a twirl for public display while ye are at it.

Photographers are FAB at working with families to get the best possible shots and location is key for this.

Check out ALL OF US photography package for families by the very talented Teresa Devvany



Every bird has its story.

We all know and love the Robin and how it connects us to those who have passed. But did you know that the Blackbird was the home protector?

I didn’t …until I swooped into the wonderful world of this nature-loving powerhouse Molly Ellis of Ewe Sir. 

Check out this gorgeous keepsake for the protector of your family’s heart €25 for your Mammy x

blackbird irish bird watching

Our Mammies, hipster or not,  are our anchors to home no matter how far we roam.

Mammies are our lifeline to family even from the far reaches of Australia and North America.

Mammies deserve to be treated as special all year round not just on Christmas day.

Even if you can’t see your mammy send her a gift that will mean the world to her. Don’t forget to call home or better yet Skype or Messenger your mammy on the day.

Reaching out to her will make her so very very happy and take it from me when she is gone you will be wishing you could speak to her 

If you are a Mammy then also take a bow and remember you are doing a great job, you ARE enough and try not to feeling guilty about all the things: it is a waste of an emotion.


Tara x

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