Ireland’s top 7 influencers flying the flag for mental health


When you think of mental health, social media isn’t something you’d necessarily list in the positivity inducing column. Scrolling for days on end, watching the little highlight reels flash before your eyes while you’re sprawled on your bed, Disney pjs on and Ben&Jerry’s dutifully keeping you company for the umpteenth night in a row – it can be DEPRESSING right? But what if we said we had a way to combat that shame that sets over you as you stare at the fitness model’s photoshopped waist and bleached smile?

See social media doesn’t have to be a curse. It’s a powerful platform that can use it’s powers for good, all you have to do is know where to look or in this case, just keep scrolling. Here’s our top pick of Irish influencers who are letting us all know it’s ok not to be ok with relatable content we’re devouring one unedited snap at a time! 


Niall Breslin : visit their page here – @bressie

Better known to most as bressie, this Irish lad knows how it feels to be a little down in the dumps. As someone who had it all – musician, athlete, coach, celebrity – you’d think he’d have little worries but see that’s where we’re all wrong. Suffering from anxiety for many years, the lead singer of The Blizzards decided enough was enough and sought to tackle his demons head on with the release of his book, ‘Me and My Mate Jeffrey’. Since then, he’s become quite the advocate for mental health, spreading awareness at any opportunity. Catch his words of wisdom by listening to his chart-topping podcasts Wake Up/Wind Down and Where Is My Mind. 

Melaine Murphy : visit their page here – @melaniiemurphy

If you’re sick of the ‘faking it’ crowd and crave some real authenticity, Melanie is your girl. Endearingly open about every aspect of her life, following her is like following the big sister you always wished you had. Chatting about her mental health struggles, coping mechanisms and generally dealing with life’s ups and downs, the cure for a bad day lies in her captivating content. Currently pregnant, the social star is a bundle of positivity and will lighten up your feed one little image at a time. If her account isn’t enough, watch her videos on Youtube or get your hands on one of her books – you can thank us later! 

James Kavanagh : visit their page here – @jamesalankavanagh

Unless you’re living under a rock, this next name should at least ring some sort of bell. Social media’s sweetheart, you can’t help but roll over in a fit of giggles when peering at this guy’s page. James’ content is hilarious whether he’s torturing his partner William with endless pranks or dressing up as his Sphynx cat, Diana, the comedy you’ll find here is pure gold. Occasionally touching on the serious stuff too, this creative has dealt with his fair share of mind battles and isn’t afraid to let it show. 

Roz Purcell : visit their page here – @rozannapurcell

The health queen of Instagram, this former Miss Universe Ireland has traded pageant crowns for a different kind of royal standing in the clean eating hemisphere. Teaching us all how to feel good from the inside out, you can’t possible chat mental health without including this inspiring influencer. Sharing posts about body positivity and advocating the ‘Instagram vs reality’ movement with real unedited snaps of stretch marks and unflattering angles, this account is a pick me up you never even knew you needed. Get creative in the kitchen with her vegan recipes and feed your mind by listening to her podcast, ‘Bite Back’. 

Doug Leddin : visit their page here – @dougleddin

An entrepreneur and well-established businessman, it may be surprising to see founder of Dublin’s one and only Tiki bar on the list. Shedding light on the fact that outward success doesn’t necessarily make you happy, Doug opened up in a moving video, about his deep struggles with depression and his fight to rid the stigma around mens’ mental health. Regularly attending events on this subject, this guy is really worth a follow to educate yourself on the options out there to help those struggling in any way. 

Alison Canavan : visit their page here – @alisoncanavanwellness

A woman of many talents, Alison has dedicated her life to making sure we’re all well and good. A motivational speaker and coach as well as mindfulness expert, her page is the go to for tips and tricks to pull yourself out of the dreaded funk. Full of inspiring quotes, interviews with people from the wellness world and personal snaps of the guru and her family – it’s a feel good fest waiting to happen. 

Louise Cooney : visit their page here – @louisecooney_

Known to most as Ireland’s fashionista, this girl knows a thing or two about style but over the past year she’s let us in on her daily struggles as she moved to a new city. Being completely candid, the influencers sat down and shared with her followers, the homesickness she felt after uprooting her life in Dublin to tackle the Big Apple. Her page is now dotted with regular reminders that it’s not a crime to have a bad day and that as much as they don’t seem like it sometimes, these icons we screen stalk are people just like us – and if they can get through it, so can we! 

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