Quash quarantine blues this Xmas with these binge-worthy Netflix series: Irish teen shares her insight

Ever wondered what Irish teens are watching on Netflix?

We love this overview by the fabulously funny Faye Prendergast.

Take it away Faye!

An insight into my quarantine watched list:

If you are like me, you are doing feck-all at the moment. Here are a few series on Netflix to binge-watch in quarantine.

1.Tiger King: One of my personal favorites. This documentary series is focused on an exotic animal zoo and all the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes. From running for president to killing an animal rights person, ‘Joe Exotic’ is one mad yolk. I wouldn’t watch this at night or with your cat/dog because as we see in the series they can easily munch your arm off, especially those sausage dogs. Overall I would give this an 8.5/10.

2.Queer eye: This is a motivational pick-me-up series. It’s all about five gay guys, ‘the fab five’, revamping gross, slob-like specimen and turning them into confident, hygienic humans. To watch this you will need a blanket, popcorn, and a shit load of tissues. 10/10 from moi.

3.Ru Paul’s drag race: Ah yes, my trusty steed, Ru Paul’s drag race. If you are looking for a load of laughs and an occasional shout at the telly, this series is perfect for you. It consists of a panel of celebrity judges, a lot of drag queens, and quite a sum of very high pitch screams. I would rate this a 9/10.

4.Nailed it: This hilarious show is filled with the shittiest bakers on the planet. They are in with a chance to win ten thousand dollars, to create a somewhat mediocre replica of a professional bakers’ work. If you happen to feel blue about your baking skills take a look at someone trying to recreate this Donald Trump cake.


I bet you feel a tad bit better now. This is the best baking show there is in my opinion. A solid 10/10.

5.Cheer: If you need some motivation to perfect your cartwheel well this is a great show to watch. It guides us through the Navarro cheer-leading teams’ preparation for a national cheer competition. It will light a fire under your butt to do something active and to succeed, whether that’s a triple front flip or touching your toes. I highly recommend this series, 8/10.

6.Top Gear (the old one): I know, I know, very controversial but….it is so stupid it’s funny. After watching four times, I still know absolutely nothing about cars, but every time I re-watch the ‘Vietnam special’ I manage to end up on the floor skitting to myself. This is something to watch when in need of a good belly laugh. EASILY 100/10.

7.Brooklyn nine nine: This hilarious show is an insight into a group of co-workers working in the nine nine. It’s a show to watch with anyone and a guaranteed laugh is always in-store.  This series really makes you wish you could bring a taser into work… AAANYWAY. An underrated 11/10.

What not to watch:

CATS: please, whatever you do never watch ‘CATS’, it makes you evaluate what has gone wrong in the world (not a good thing). All traces of this poorly CGI-ed, animated film, should be burnt in a huge ceremony titled ‘DOGS’, and never spoken about again.

Have you watched any of these?

Let us know in the comment what your favourite Netflix show is and don’t be afraid to leave suggestions either – who knows how long we’ll be binging for?! Also we know this is a difficult time and for all us creatives, a serious dry spell, so head over to our article on 7 series that’ll spark creativity for a little sprinkle of inspiration. 

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  1. We are currently well into binge-watching Money Heist on Netflix, a Spanish series that is great to watch with subtitles and even improves my little bit of Spanish! Somehow the Spanish make very watchable series, others I enjoyed were The Ministry of Time, the Grand Hotel, and to a lesser extent Always a Witch which I reckon is geared towards a much younger audience.

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