9 Amazing Accessories to spice up Festival Season

The ultimate guide to festival accessories


Corona virus may be keeping us in our countries and 2 metres apart but that doesn’t mean the coveted festival season has to go down in flames too – thank god we live in the 21st century where modern technology never fails to have our back. 2020 will forever be remembered as the year of Zoom festival so bathe yourself in glitter, root around for the pair of hot pants that make the annual Electric Picnic appearance and rave it up in your living room. Here’s our guide to amazing accessories that’ll have you looking as good as your kitchen dance party has you feeling!

1. Large Colourful Statement Beaded Geometric Earrings by Bess Earrings

Channel your inner Boho chic and let loose with these statement earrings. The fun colours, beading and geometric patterns make them the perfect accessories to decorate your ears with and are guaranteed to jazz up any outfit – they’d even make pyjamas look glam!

2. ”Pastel flowers” scale necklace by Luna Maille

Go big or go home, right?! This next one is the ultimate eye-catcher. With this beautiful piece of art round your neck you’ll be the envy of the household and fighting to keep little paws off. The large size of the piece combined with the subtlety of the pastel colours means that if you’re a party animal in hiding, this will ease you out into the open as it’s got that understated feel about it too.

3. Wild Red Necklace by Melaine Hand Design Jewellery

Simple but effective, this is the ideal way to make a statement without screaming for attention from the rooftops. Throw this on over a t-shirt and shorts to add a touch of something special and you’re ready to party till the sun comes up. This design also comes in a brown pattern if that’s more your colour palette.

4. Boho Statement – Paper Bead Earrings by NAOI

You absolutely cannot emulate festival vibes without a pair of earrings like these. The ultimate way to capture that boho look synonymous with festival goers, the paper beads are made with origami paper that is precisely cut into different sized strips that are then rolled to create a conical bead. Hand made in Tipperary, these are a seasonal staple and can easily be incorporated into everyday wear making them a perfect purchase!

5. Àliann Large Drop Earrings by Melaine Hand Design Jewellery

Take a more delicate approach to festival season and pop these beauties into your ears. Sophisticated and feminine these earrings will add a soft touch to your outfit and emulate that “pretty” look we all love. Pair will a floaty skirt or maxi dress and you’re set to turn heads all night long (if only through a screen).

6. Gold Mini Round layered Necklace by Taer Jewellery

Accent a bold outfit with this gorgeous layered necklace. Keep the accessories to a minimum and don a blindingly bright dress topped off with a pair of green wellies. Perfect to add a hint of sparkle, this piece is the only thing you’ll need as it really speaks for itself in the most subtle way possible. Hand crafted using eco silver, this is one splurge you’ll never regret.

7. “Treasure Me” Amethyst Textured Silver Cuff Bracelet by Caraliza Designs

Decorate your wrists with something shiny and glisten in the dim lights of the living room as you sing along to your favourite artists. This understated bangle is the ultimate accessory to add life into any outfit. The multi-faceted Amethyst gemstone is a beauty and the colour will lend itself nicely to the festival atmosphere of the season.

8. Beaded Triangle Earrings Leopard Print Design 22ct gold plated Ear Hooks by Bess Earrings

When it comes to dolling yourself up for a festival you really can’t beat a great pair of leopard print earrings to get the ball rolling. The beaded texture adding a hint of difference to the mix, this pair are guaranteed to be a winner. Put them on with an all black number or go wild and clash prints to create the unbeatable Zoom festival look.

9. Octopus Necklace by Iasc Designs

Make a splash with this marine inspired creation by Galway based brand, Iasc Designs. Fun, quirky and cool, this is a festival in a necklace. Carry on making a statement with a striking outfit to match or let the jewellery do the talking and keep things chilled underneath. Either way you’re bound to draw attention in the best way possible with this one.

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