9 great reasons to have a blog

Why do I need a blog? 

I’m an artist, not a writer!

Why do you need a blog?

Most artists I talk to start to roll their eyes when I talk about their artist’s blog. These are the most common complaints and excuses…

  • I’m an artist, not a writer
  • I hate writing
  • I just haven’t got a clue what to write
  • Why would anyone be interested in reading my babble
  • Oh my god I just don’t have the time to write once a week
  • No-one is ever going to read it
  • I’ll never figure out how to rank on Google so why bother?
  • I’m not a Blogger

That last one is the one that gets people, they have these notions about what a “blogger” is and what a “blogger isn’t”.

Lately “blogging” has come under the heading “influencer” and has had a pretty bad rap from some quarters. Bloggers wanting freebies, bloggers with their hand out for free stuff because they can “influence” people…yada yada yada.

Stop with the negativity, the truth is that “bloggers” are simply writers, they could be writing about art, movies, crafts, or being a mum.

  • A “blog” is nothing more than a modern diary or journal.
  • A blog is where you share your thoughts, successes, failures, and advice with a public who wants to read what you have to say.
  • This is your Artists Notebook and it’s your voice, your thoughts, and feelings.
  • I talk a little more about this in my post on How to Write Like You Talk go on have a read of that before you get stuck in.

You are a creative artist and you want people to love your work and purchase it You as an artist are also a “brand” and one of the best ways to create a successful brand is by cultivating customer loyalty. By sharing yourself and your knowledge people will be able to connect with you and in turn connect with the art you are producing. You should view blogging as the chance to start a dialogue with your customers, blogging is the platform that will bring your audience closer to your work.

Your work is invested with your emotion, time, value and money and that deserves to be shared with a wider audience. A blog connects you to your audience, and those folks that are potentially your collectors and buyers.

I won’t disagree with you when you argue that it takes too much time and it distracts you from the “work”. It does take time and starting a blog is not a quick fix and it won’t sell stuff for you overnight. And yes it is another hat to wear which can be overwhelming.

But the benefits of blogging can really outweigh the negatives, like a million times over. You get to share ideas, get feedback, communicate with your community, and eventually your work through your blog. Blogging is about you engaging with and creating an audience for your work and your passion for art.

Blogging is a long game

Truth? Blogging is not going to put money in your wallet today. You are not going to make money from a single blog post or even a lot of blog posts. But blogging is a marketing tactic and every single marketing tactic adds to the whole picture and is a critical piece of the puzzle that is marketing and branding.

9 reasons you need a blog

1, Telling stories

A blog is simply telling your story and talking about your work and inspirations. People love stories and we tell stories to bring in an audience. A blog will help you create your story and learn how to tell it to get larger and more involved audiences.

It’s hard to write about yourself, your inspiration and your work. A blog gives you the chance to develop your story and your voice over time and you will learn what makes your work unique. Your blog will also give you a solid basis and background to be able to talk, write about or be interviewed about your work.

2. Storytelling helps build a relationship with your current and potential buyers

When you share your story you are helping to convey your personality, which helps you stand out in an ocean of creators. Your story helps get readers engaged and allows them to connect with you on a deeper level. By sharing your story you can begin to create community and relationships around your work.


3.  A place to store all your social media efforts

A blog is where all your images, short stories and social media posts can have a second life and a record on your blog. These pieces become a sort of library where you can find your images and text at a later date.

4.  A picture isn’t really worth a 1000 words

Search engines can’t read pictures, well they can but not like you and I do. I see it on Social Media and blogs all the time. The artist posts a picture of their work with no text, no price, no description and I’m supposed to do what with this?

A blog post with an image and a full text description including, colours, size, price, shipping and all the details about the artistic process and how the piece was made. Use images you take along the way of the piece’s construction, little videos of how you created the pieces or carved the wood, or how you mixed the colours. Anything that takes your reader on the creative journey with you.

5.  Blog posts keep your audience coming back for more

The stories you tell through your blog is what will keep your audience coming back for more. You become the authority on your particular form of art. Your readers will keep coming back for more information and eventually will buy. It takes several visits to a blog before someone will purchase. Your blog will allow you to build trust and confidence with your audience.

6. Keeping it fresh and updated

Blog posts are the new content your website needs. Every website needs updating and new content to keep readers and buyers coming back. What better way to do that than through a blog post.  

7.  Your blog can help with media outreach

The state of journalism these days is pretty dire particularly in the arts. Reporters just don’t have time to investigate, interview and write stories so why not make their job easier. Media outreach work, sending press releases and pitching stories is really important and your blog posts will make a reporters life much easier. Linking to your blog posts in media and press releases makes your marketing work that much easier and smarter. In your blog the information is there at the media’s fingertips.

8.  Use your blog to make your marketing more effective

Your blog is the home base for all your content that can be used in a multitude of ways to make your social media marketing more effective and efficient. Blog posts should be:

  • Posted to social media with appropriate images (use a social media plugin)
  • Included in email newsletter content (now and in the future)
  • Notify your subscribers of new content on the blog via email updates
  • Use to pitch stories to media outlets
  • Added as new posts via related posts feeds on your website homepage

9.  A blog helps you create your community

It can be a struggle trying to figure out what to write on your blog  but having a blog gives you an easy and instant way to communicate with your audience. Encourage your readers to comment on your posts, ask for their feedback and suggestions. You will have a great opportunity to get your community involved in your work and processes.

You can learn a lot from your audience about what they love or don’t love about your work. This community allows you to be the artist you want to be. You can invite your community to special events, get them involved in helping to promote your work. Ask them to share information about special events, shows or galleries that might have your work in them.

And, by consistently blogging, you’ll ensure that your loyal readers will come back to your website to see what’s new. They will also refer friends and colleagues to check out their favourite artist and share your work on their social media channels. You get to put your latest work out into the public and your readers and clients will return to make sure they are up to date on what you are creating. 

Start your blogging journey today, spend 20 minutes writing down whatever you want to share with an audience. Leave the piece overnight and come back tomorrow and see what you have written and how it can be edited. You see it wasn’t that difficult, now you’re blogging.

Trust me, the hardest blog post is your first. It will get easier and become part of your routine.


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