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New quarantine beards and how to manage them….

Quarantine beards…..yep, they’re all over the place!

As the restrictions ease we are seeing men emerging from their caves like bears coming out of a long, cold hibernation! They growl, blink in the unfamiliar sunlight, stretch and give their quarantine beard a good long scratch!! And its happening all over the world!! For the next few days they grumble about the itchy beard, look a bit scruffy and are generally unsure of what to do with the new facial hair – after a bit longer (probably with nagging from their partner) it gets shaved off, and another beard bites the dust. And when asked the guy just says he can’t grow a decent beard, it doesn’t suit him and is too itchy!

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Proper (and very simple!) care is all a beard needs. Just about every man can grow some kind of beard that will look well with a little bit of understanding and TLC.

First up, we’ve been in quarantine for what? Nine -ten weeks? Something like that, and beards grow slow (even quarantine beards)! It can seem quick at first as the stubble comes through, but as it gets longer that same growth speed makes less and less difference to the overall size of the beard so growth sees to slow down….but it doesn’t. The reality is it takes a minimum of 12 weeks (that’s three months!) to grow enough beard to be able to start styling it and looking after it!

So most men right now, even if they started growing their quarantine beard right at the start, are at the most difficult stage! It is itchy and probably scruffy looking. Now is the time to start caring for it properly and reaping the rewards of a stylish beard a little later on. Follow these steps and you’ll be happy and bearded in no time (well, another month anyway!)

Step 1

Get a proper beard soap or wash. beard hair is different to head hair and as it is on your face much easier to dry out and become unhealthy and uncomfortable. Shop bought shampoos and soaps are drying and full of nasty chemicals. Beardsmith Soaps and Shampoo’s are specially designed to care for the beard and the skin. Check them out and you will quickly notice your beard becoming more comfortable and much less itchy.

Step 2

Start using just a few drops of a high quality beard oil. A good beard oil will add extra moisture to your beard and skin without making it greasy or causing pimples/spots. And yep, you guessed it, Beardsmith can once again help you out! Our oils are designed with precisely this in mind.

So, at this point the beard should be much more comfortable for you and any body who’ll be potentially rubbing up against it(!!!) The next thing to do is starting making that quarantine beard look more purposeful and well groomed.

Step 3

Now is often a good time to gently clean up the lower neck and upper cheeks of your quarantine beard. You can do this with a regular razor – however you must be careful not to start trying to shape the actual beard or trim off too much. Just clean up the few hairs which are out of place higher up the cheeks and lower down on the neck. Doing this will immediately make the beard look more controlled and more purposeful.

Step 4

Begin to train the hairs to go where you want them, a soft brush can help with this, or even just smoothing the beard down with the hands when you are out of the shower and are drying it. A proper beard styling wax will also help to control the more resistant and flyaway hairs here. Beardsmith Styling Wax is designed to control hairs without adding any weight or stickiness. It enables you to begin tidying up the beard and looking more stylish!

So, by following these pretty simple steps you can start actually enjoying that quarantine beard and styling/grooming it how you want! The Beardsmith range is also designed for all over use. So just grab that soap or shampoo and use it all over! Your body will thank you and your time in the bathroom wont increase beyond the realms of acceptability!

Even better, once you decide you look awesome with a quarantine beard you can just evolve it into a regular beard by doing nothing more than just keeping it!! The entire Beardsmith range is available right here on The Biscuit Marketplace with plenty of gift box options if the bearded man in your life needs a little nudge in the right Grooming direction!

So how is your quarantine beard coming on? Are you looking more hobo or more indie rock band cool? Follow the Beardsmith blog and comment at https://beardsmith.ie/lifestyle/

Written by guest blogger Matthew Smith.

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