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My name is Tara Prendergast and I am the Founder of The Biscuit Marketplace.

You might be wondering why The Biscuit Marketplace? 

There are no Biscuits for sale anywhere! 

Y’see there is a new meaning for the word Biscuit that is being cultivated underground. 

Biscuits are the new breed of Creatives. The people that want to support each other as a Community, to learn about business and to be connected to something bigger than just their work.

I have had a pretty busy few years on the journey to this Marketplace, where our Biscuit Community is represented. 

Always keeping Irelands creative community at the centre of everything I do and this platform is another step to highlight the diverse talent on our Island and most importantly the people behind it. 

My journey to date looks like this; 

🧡4 years ago I started to put my 20 years of business experience into practice for Creative practitioners.

🧡4 years ago I launched the beginning of a vibrant and supportive community Bite the Biscuit that now stands at 7000+ members.

🧡4 years ago I stood on the TedX stage and shared the vision that is now unfolding https://lnkd.in/gYC6dsv

🧡3 years ago I launched an online business school for Creatives The Biscuit Factory https://lnkd.in/gi7xGF4 which now supports 73 students and has alumni of 140 business owners.

🧡3 years ago I launched the first round of our online programs which have now helped 280 small business owners in the Creative sector.

🧡6 months ago I partnered with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown LEO and Tangent Trinity College Dublin to teach Creative business owners.

🧡1 week ago I launched the newest piece of the Biscuit vision https://lnkd.in/g7-6 The Biscuit Marketplace THE most stylish place for Irish Creatives to sell their work. ( at the time of writing this! )

🧡30 minutes ago I stopped to take a breath and to take stock of what has happened in 4 years.

🧡5 minutes ago I just realised something BIG… I AM ONLY WARMING UP.

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