Irish design champion, and Ted Talk-er Tara Prendergast whose newest venture The Biscuit Marketplace is an online shop for the global market featuring handpicked Irish based vendors and their innovative and design-led lifestyle products, from jewellery, skincare and clothing to paintings, children’s gifts, homewares and more.

Thrilled to see the current ‘Buy Irish’ campaign to support Irish businesses, this serial entrepreneur who by the age of 23 had owned, operated and sold a 60-seater restaurant, has been building and advising businesses for 20+ years.

But her approach is very different to other marketplaces selling Irish work. 

“It’s not just showcasing Irish creatives on The Biscuit Marketplace platform, clients (or ‘Biccies’ as they are known in the Biscuit Community) are individually supported, mentored and trained to turn their creative talents into a functioning business. 

With the Art or business traditionally seen as two separate paths, an either / or choice, I want to see each and every one of my Biccies create the life and lifestyle they want and deserve by teaching them how to monetise their creativity whilst maintaining a healthy mindset to deal with running a small business.”

This passion and personal connection with her community is why she feels it so important not just to showcase their products and services, but also put the spotlight on these creatives as people and tell their personal stories through their ‘Meet the Maker’ series.  


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Tara | Founder

Tara Prendergast flying the flag for Irish Creatives since 2015.

Marina | Community manager

Marina Mijatovic helps vendors and customers feel loved and keeps Tara on the straight and narrow.

Fadi | WordPress Whiz

Fadi Slamih makes everyting work. Marina & Tara love Fadi for being really good at tech.

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