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The Biscuit Marketplace provides a simple, but powerful platform for you to sell your Art online – FREE to set up.

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How It Works

Setup your Shop for Free.

Create your shop with your own logo, a custom banner and all your business information.

Upload your Products with Images.

Select between our multiple categories and organize your products with custom tags.

We Spread the Word. You Get Paid.

With our massive presence on social media we attract the clients and help you make sells.

Platform Features

  • Create your own unique Online Shop with everything you need to manage your products, stock, orders, and clients.
  • Access all of your stats on your own complete Shop Dashboard and keep track of your sales and orders.
  • Manage your own Promotions and generate any number of Discount Coupons for your clients, at any time.
  • Your customers can leave Reviews for your shop and your products, helping you build your reputation.
  • Offer support for your customers via a built-in Ticket System that you can manage from your dashboard.
  • Interact with our community offering products as ideas for gifts and more on our Question and Answers section.
  • Sell worldwide and setup your own Flat Rate and Shipping Rules according to each Shipping Zone.
  • Sell your products, get paid by your customers and receive your instantly through your own Stripe account.
  • (Soon) Offer real-time support for all of your customers and guarantee sells through the built-in Live Chat system.
  • (Soon) Choose between multiple shipping carriers as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and Stamps with real-time calculation.
  • (Soon) Let your customers personalize their orders with Product Addons as custom engravings and gift wrapping.
  • (Soon) Save your time and let your customers book appointments through the built-in Booking system.

Use Cases

How to be a Vendor?

To be sure that your application will be approved, take your time to read the Vendor’s FAQ, the Terms of Service and to gather the following content:

You Need Good Images

Be sure to have really beautiful and readable Shop Banner, Shop Picture and Images for the Products Galleries ready to be uploaded.

You Need Social Presence

To be approve you'll need, at least a Facebook Profile or Business Page with samples of your current clients and products..

You Need a Stripe Account

To get paid for all the products you sell through the marketplace you'll need a Stripe Account. If you don't have one yet, click chere to create it for free.

    Personal Info
  • Your real first name.
  • Your real last name.
  • Your main e-mail address.
  • Public personal picture.
  • Shop Info
  • You need an Stripe Account!

    In order to apply you need a Stripe Account, so you can get paid for your sells. You can create an account for FREE by clicking here.

  • The name of your business.
  • The ideal size for your shop picture is 300x300 pixels.
  • The ideal size for your shop banner is 1440x480 pixels.
  • URL to your Personal or Business Profile.
  • For verification purposes only. It not will be publicly available.
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