Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Rejoice this Christmas

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Maybe it’s because my own niblings are too old for gluing cotton wool to a stick and calling it a sheep, but I can’t help but notice a distinct lack of well-meaning, unintentionally abstract tat decomposing on the fridge doors of my friends and family. 

In my day (she says with one hand firmly on hip while wagging the other’s pointer), making crap and believing it constituted a gift that someone would actually want was a weekly occurrence. Going to a party, a relly’s house, or even one time our greengrocer (remember them, kids?!), almost always meant pulling out the ole How Do You Do? craft book and cursing the distinct lack of pipe cleaners in this country.

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Look, we’re all for overly detailed gift lists, but sometimes you just need to get straight to the good stuff. No faffing, just solid suggestions for people you may or may not know very well.

So, no more preamble nonsense here’s the list. You’re welcome. 

A gift for a woman. 

Merino wool scarves should be handed out to every female at birth. Women are always cold. I’m not being sexist, it’s science, babes. Merino wool is incredibly soft, lightweight and, most importantly warm. That’s also science, sugar boobs. Give her, whomever she may be, a merino scarf and she’ll be oohing and aahing all year. Although if you’re a male, you’ll probably have forgotten you got it for her. Also science, sugar pecs. 

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The Art and Craft of Ireland - How to find one of a kind Irish gifts

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Say no more to shopping with all the other lemmings.

Say no to the same old same old.

Say no to cardboard cutout gifts.

Say no to chain stores that rake in your cash, pollute the planet and get rich of the backs of those who are paid barely enough to eat.

I will tell you HOW to do all the above the smart way. 

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