Dinner party conversation starters for St. Patricks day celebrations 2019

Dinner conversation starters to get you through

St. Patricks weekend celebrations. 

St.Patricks day is looming and lord knows there shall be dinner parties, green infused Guinness and plenty of Irish showing off. 


We love Showing Off in our Creative Community.

If you struggle with building the confidence to promote you and what you do then join our safe supportive space of 5.5k like-minded Creative humans.




...because I know you need this shit in nugget format to wow your guests, drinking buddies, children goddamit even your partner!

( yes it is nice to impress our dearest the odd time. It takes a bit of effort to keep the romance alive and all that jazz )

And yes I know you have zero concentration and you are looking sideways at your Facebook feed but listen up...

* this will be painless

* bullet-pointed and

* will give you what you need

* to feel extra smart at that dinner table.


Alec Baldwin




👉The hypodermic needle

👉The ejector seat for aircraft

👉Leprosy CURE

👉The modern tank

👉Transatlantic phone calls

👉The submarine

👉Perforated stamps 

👉Rubber souls


We are not only steeped in science, engineering, and invention but the foundation of Ireland is our Creativity.

From the early Celts and their intricate carvings on stone to the beautifully constructed and crafted Celtic jewellery and body adornments found in tombs and sacred places.


😴 Ireland is an island steeped in Art, Culture, Poetry, Song, and Craft  😴


😉 Diddly eye we have heard all of that before zzz tell me something I didn't know...😉


 Ok OK ok...

An Irish fella named Aeneas who created a heat exchange system which pushed whiskey distilling into the stratosphere.

How much more Irish can you get!

Yeah yeah, we love the drink but not just the drink that will make ya sing like no one is listening.

Another popular drink was discovered by the Irish.

Chocolate Milk invented by an Irish botanist in Jamaica Hans Sloane 


Sir Hans Sloane. Mezzotint by J. Faber, junior, 1729, after Wellcome V0005466.jpg





👉COLOUR was introduced to photographs by Irish blood 👈

John Joly of Offaly, who developed (see what I did there...crack myself up!) a way to produce colour photographs.


Without our creative genius streak, the world would not have...

👉Tattoos like we know it today because Irish immigrant, Samuel Reilly, in New York invented the Tattoo machine. 




...that the following great Irish writers Samuel Beckett and James Joyce who have left a deep mark on Literature and have influenced writers for centuries, as well as Yeats, Wilde, Swift, Shaw, and Behan who have left an Irish legacy for the world to ponder on, have some very interesting facts.




Samuel Beckett

A young Beckett spent several years in Paris helping James Joyce to write his final novel, Finnegans Wake (Joyce was nearly blind towards the end of his life, and needed help with the actual writing down of the book).

James Joyce

In 1891, shortly after he had to leave Clongowes Wood College when his father lost his job, 9-year-old Joyce wrote a poem called “Et Tu Healy?” It was published by his father John and distributed to friends; the elder Joyce thought so highly of it, he allegedly sent copies to the Pope.

WB Yeats

The grave of WB Yeats may contain someone else’s body. The poet died in France in 1939 but was exhumed and brought to Drumcliffe, Sligo,in 1948. However, historian Louise Foxcroft, whose granduncle Alfred Hollis was buried in France on the same day as Yeats, has raised concerns that a mix-up meant Hollis’ body was sent to Ireland instead.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was tried for sodomy by the father of his lover Sir Alfred Douglas at the age of forty-five. After attempting to sue John Douglas for libel, Wilde was convicted of sodomy on the 25th of May 1895. Wilde was sent to Pentonville Prison and forced to do hard labour. Here, Wilde contracted meningitis, which ultimately led to his demise.

Brendan Behan

His reputation also grew due to a famous drunken interview on BBC television, however, Behan was known for his drinking problem, which resulted in him suffering from diabetes, which ultimately resulted in his death on 20 March 1964. 

Samuel Beckett line drawing - Illustration Print

Musicians who have touched our souls and spread their words and sounds across the globe. From Sinead, Delores, Enya, Glen Hansard, Bono and U2 to all those fabulous trad performers in the local.

The deep, dark soul of the Irish resonates in sound everywhere.


It was an Irish woman Lilian Bland who first built her own airplane & an Irish lady who was one of the world's first computer programmers- Kay Mcnulty Mauchly Antonelli 


kay mcnulty


We Irish are constantly on the lookout for a new idea, a new thought, a new song, a new craft, a new world.

We do all of this with an awareness of our history of making art and our curiosity and Irish way of getting the best out of our environment.


The Biscuit Community is the result of a gathering of creative souls who are inspired to share their love of art and craft with our fellow citizens and to present our work to the world.


As makers, we tap into the deep well of creativity that this Island has generated over the centuries and we want to shout about it and make sure the majority of our Creative humans get a chance to show their talent. 


We recognize that talent comes in many forms and many creations and we celebrate that every day here in the Biscuit Marketplace.


Our government is now beginning to recognize that our creative souls need more than talk and promises, we need to eat as well.

They have developed a programme you may know of called Creative Ireland. This is a government initiative that runs from 2017 to 2022.

Its goal is to improve access to creative and cultural activities across the country in every county.


Creative Ireland's mandate:

"Creative Ireland is an invitation to get involved in something truly inspirational. It’s ambitious five-year Government art and culture strategy, that aims to boost wellbeing in schools, homes, and communities across Ireland, as well as unifying our global reputation and reaching out to our Irish diaspora overseas."


There are five pillars to the programme:  

1. Children and Youth

Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child

2. Creative Communities

 Enabling Creativity in Every Community

3. Cultural Investment

Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure

4. Creative Industries

Ireland as a Centre of Creative Excellence

5. Global Reputation

A Creative and Cultural Nation


They've even started changing the social welfare policies that kept artists from claiming benefits. Of course it's only for visual artists and writers currently but eventually, even that will change to include more artistic areas.

It's a hell of a commitment and hopefully, the government will stick to their guns and ensure that Ireland respects and supports all artistic endeavors from art and craft to music and stage work.

Unlike Germany, for example, that provides living allowances for artists of every kind along with childcare subsidies, Ireland lags far behind many EU countries in its support of its artists. We trust the governments' commitment to arts and culture will see these things beginning to change.


We certainly hope with the Biscuit Factory Marketplace that we can be a catalyst in that change. We want to grow the Marketplace to become the site that everyone visits to see and buy some outstanding Irish Creative work that has it's Community at the heart of it.

So NOW my friend if that ain't enough trivia for showing off over a lash of dirty black pints next weekend, I dunno what is!


Biscuit Factory Marketplace

Inspiring Irish Art Globally

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  • Thanks Heather for the comment. I felt very proud writing this I must say. Geenie mac we are a great owl crew altogether aren’t we?

    Tara Prendergast on
  • Thanks Heather for the comment. I felt very proud writing this I must say. Geenie mac we are a great owl crew altogether aren’t we?

    Tara Prendergast on
  • Breda I didn’t know until I started researching for the Blog! Sure better late than never wha!

    Tara Prendergast on
  • OMG so much I didn’t know… ashamed… thanks Tara have a good St Patricks Day

    Breda on
  • Great stuff…feeling Irish Proud! Thanks Tara. X

    Heather McKay on

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