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Hard Working Hands Cream

Vendor: Naturally at The Wrens Nest - Natural Aromatherapy Soaps & Skincare for Everyday

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Hardworking Hands Cream. Packed with healing and soothing butters and oils to protect and comfort the hardest working of hands. Also lavender to calm, lemon to brighten and benzoin to heal the sorest of mitts - smells divine. A great one for gardeners or mechanics or carpenters or nurses or hairdressers or just about anyone whos hands take more than the usual share of abuse.

My creams are semi solid as I dont add water to thin them out, otherwise I would then need to add synthethic preservatives, so just take a little piece and rub between your fingers to soften. This cream is truly magical! 
50g tin. 

As I dont using any synthetic hardeners in my products you may find your cream will get softer or more liquid in warm weather or if left somewhere hot. This is perfectly natural, just pop it somewhere cooler and it will harden up again. This is what happens to natural butters and oils when they heat up - dont be alarmed;)

Contains - calendula oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, rosewater, lavender essential oil, benzoin resin, lemon essential oil

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