Otter and Milky Way

Vendor: Enagh Farrell

  • €45,00

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10 x 8 Giclee print, unframed, on Hahnemühle Cotton Rag paper, printed at Copperhouse, Dublin 8. The original painting was scanned at Copperhouse on Cruise Scanner for optimum detail. Edition of 25 signed and numbered prints.

This print will arrive with a seasonal greeting card and envelope with the same image.

This was an acrylic painting that the illustrator had scanned in. Thoughts while painting were:

Can an Otter feel reverence? We don’t know and perhaps it’s just a human experience. Reverence may be felt when we take time to gaze up at the Milky Way on a cold winter’s night and to marvel at the sparkling stars and the possibility of life somewhere else, in another galaxy. Or to allow ourselves time to take a moment of solitude to connect to nature and to be grateful for this beautiful planet we live on. In some ancient languages, there was no word for nature because those cultures accepted that they were part of it. They were their environment and so they caused no harm to their surroundings, as to do so would be to cause harm to themselves. Perhaps the collective reverence and hope we have for our planet, the curiosity we have for the animals we share it with and the respect we have for each other will help us to foster new solutions in this time of climate crisis.

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