'WB Yeats - Cloths of Heaven' - Words in Porcelain

Vendor: Orla O Visual Art

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Poetry in Porcelain

'Cloths of Heaven' by WB Yeats - Renowned Irish Poet

This would be a beautiful gift for a loved one - Wedding , Anniversary or Engagement. 

One of Yeats' most popular poems. Perhaps its brevity and simplicity is one reason why this Yeats poem is so loved. A beautiful poem where the message is straightforward, and a perennial one in poetry (and, indeed, song lyrics). The speaker, addressing his lover or would-be lover, says: if I were a rich man, I’d give you the world and all its treasures.


Materials - Porcelain Clay

Process - Raw Porcelain is rolled to create the tile, each letter is hand imprinted into the clay, which is then fired twice in the potter's kiln at 1290 degrees celsius, making it solid to withstand all elements. 

The art tile is then mounted onto a white box style frame (20cm x 25cm approx).

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