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Are you sensitive to the energies of the space you live and work in?Can you sense something does not feel right? Most spaces have encountered trauma be it environmental, physical, emotional or spiritual. All of which leave their energetic footprint and which in turn lowers the energetic vitality of the space.

Trauma can be anything from power struggles, conflict, toxic relationships between family, friends & work colleagues. It includes negative stagnant thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Where sudden tragedy or loss of life has occurred in humans and animals. On farms and stables the spaces can hold several lifetimes of negative trauma and disease where crops, animals and wildlife no longer flourish with positive growth and wellness.

Benefits of energetically clearing a space may include improvement in chronic illnesses, relief from insomnia, reduction in allergies, less stress symptoms in pets and people, healthier plants and more abundant wildlife on the property, improved working relationships and an overall increase in health and wellness for all inhabitants.

For a space clearing to take place firstly a consultation by phone takes place, followed by a visit to your space. Using Crystal, Angel and Reiki energy Elle clears and heals back to source the trauma that has occured.

Depending on the level and intensity of space clearing needed follow up tune ups, clearing, cleansing and energizing of space are done.

You will find the energetic vitality of your space will soar enhancing the well being of all who reside and work there.

Contact Elle to discuss your individual space clearing needs 

Price begins at E180 for 2 hours 

For space clearings outside of Cork travel costs apply, please contact Elle to discuss @ 087-9242921 

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