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Personal Feng Shui - Trigram Report

Vendor: Feng Shui + interiors expert - Áine Atara (BIID, IIDA, IFSG)

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In the report you will discover;

  • What the first and second choice of colour your wallet should be to support your finances.

  • What colours to wear to support you daily and on special occasions like interviews etc.

  • Your personal Trigram, year, animal, element and number.

  • Which you belong to, East or West Group in terms of Directions (8 Mansion Theory)

  • The four best directions for you and the least best. These directions and their correlations are;


    Direction A 

    • Most auspicious direction 

    • Prosperity and Vitality

    • Best location for the front entrance for the main bread winner of the home 

    • Best direction to have your back facing while working / studying


    Direction B

    • Health and Fortune

    • Good area or direction to support someone that has health problems

    • Good direction to have your back facing while eating for nutritious digestion

    • Good health direction for the elders of the home


    Direction C

    • Relationships and Longevity

    • Best direction for health and for someone that has health challenges

    • Good health direction especially for the younger members of the family

    • Improves family relationships and prevents arguments


    Direction D

    • Overall good Harmony, Clarity and Peaceful direction

    • Best direction to have your headboard facing for a good night’s sleep. 

    • Great direction to have your back face when reading or studying

    • Promotes clarity and decision making

    • Good direction to help with fertility


    Direction E

    • Difficulty and frustration 

    • Possibility of accidents and disaster; safety is an issue here


    Direction F

    • Misfortune; not supportive for health 

    • Missed opportunities

    • Accidents and legal problems


    Direction G

    • May cause family arguments or miscommunication

    • Loss of property


    Direction H

    • Least auspicious direction

    • Not supportive for career and finances


    Purchasing this service means you can begin to use these directions to your best advantage both at home, at your workplace and even when staying in hotels.

    The report will help you;

    Understand your personal trigrams directions.

    Understand the difference between the East Group and the West Group of directions. 

    Understand the compass (there is one on most phones) so as to find your best direction whenever you are spending regular time returning to one place.

    Determine your best and worst directions.


This is a great first step into understanding that we all live in relationship with the earth’s magnetism and with the cycles of time determined by our planet’s journey around the sun.

This information can enhance your life no matter where you are living.

Example extract;

{name} {date of birth} = ONE TRIGRAM

  • Your Element is Water

  • Your Symbol is Water

  • Your Essence Colors are Blue & Black

  • The Colors that Feed you are Gold, Silver, Copper, White & Grey

  • The Element that FEEDS you is METAL

  • The Elements that DEPLETE you are WOOD & EARTH

  • Your Qualities are being flexible, yet focused and determined. You are empathetic, artistic and given to deep thought but tend to worry too much and may be overly sensitive.

  • Southeast (SE) is your Personal Best direction.  The best location for Prosperity and Great Fame.  Have your back face this direction for productivity. Best location for the main breadwinner of the home to enter in.

  • East (E) is best location for Great Health and Good Fortune. Good health location for the parents/elders of the home. Have your back face this direction while eating for better digestion.

  • South (S) is your best location for Family Harmony, Good Public Relationships and Longevity.  Good health direction for the children in the home. This area improves family relationships and prevents arguments.

  • North (N) is your best location for Overall Harmony, Clarity (decision making) and Peace. Best direction to place your headboard (so that the crown of your head faces this direction) to receive a good night’s sleep.   Good direction to sleep in and to help with fertility.

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