Crystal Reiki Meditation Groups


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    Crystal Reiki Meditation Groups

Experience the relaxing benefits of receiving Crystal Reiki Energy and balancing of your chakras whilst being guided through Elle's beautiful gentle meditations.

Time for you to simply be, Reenergise, relieve yourself of stresses and anxieties, leave feeling positive and with an overall sense of well being.

Cleanse, clear end increase your energetic vitality. Learn about the meaning of colors in your dreams and meditations. The reason and purpose of specific colors in your aura. The benefits of bringing particular colors into Reiki Meditations, Healing Treatments and your daily life.

How to cord cut from toxic negative unhealthy relationships and situations (or elements of them) while still retaining your inner peace of mind heart and soul.

Meet your animal spirit guides, learn how they offer you support, guidance, protection and healing through understanding their symbolism, traits, characteristics and place in our universe.

Positive affirmations are essential to our overall well being, coping with change, transforming onto a higher vibration of love of self and others, living our soul purpose, realizing our dreams, living a life with grace and ease.

I bring positive affirmations into our meditations and offer them to you for use in your daily lives.

Enjoy manifesting positively and releasing negativity through following the moon's natural cycles.

E10 per person per class @Elle's Natural Wellness Midleton.

Contact Elle to organise your own Meditation Group in your home within East Cork. E15 per person. Min of 10 Travel cost apply for longer distances.


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