Geraldine Kilmartin finds beauty hidden in plain sight | Read how & why.


“A life-long pivoter who found staying power in creating art.”

It’s long been said there’s beauty in everything, you just need to know where to look for it. Well, this month’s Meet the Maker feature has found it by the bucket load! Exposing majestic patterns in our everyday lives we’re always too busy to notice, Geraldine has found her calling but it wasn’t always that way…

Growing up in the heart of the Irish countryside, she spent her early years wandering the fields of Roscommon. It was here she got her first taste of what beauty was lurking in the simplicity of a single feather or stone wall. Discovering art at school, she was applying her newfound inspiration to the page eagerly but as it happens to all of us – life got in the way and the conventional stability favoured by all our parents won, leaving art on the back burner for the time being.

I used to walk in nature and really examine the world around me, inspired by the beauty hidden in plain sight. The animals, the stone walls and ruins , wild flowers, dandelion clocks , feathers, butterflies… When at secondary school, I knew art was something I would love to do but back then conventional thinking dictated that I get a proper degree which would lead to a proper job!


So with that philosophy in mind, she packed her bags and headed for Galway where her Science and post grad degrees would take centre stage for the years to come. Diving head first into the corporate world, she trotted across the globe attached to US multinationals and then later taking on things for herself with her own business.

I worked with and for many different organisations, including technology, healthcare, financial services, transport, printing. Now that “pivoting“ is the new buzz word I realise I have been pivoting all my working life !

Working so hard to support her family, now that the nest is beginning to empty she’s realised the time has come to whip off the suit and don an artist’s smock once more. With a niche already established from her wanderings as a child, she set about completing the task of unveiling the hidden beauty in simple surroundings. Her art is there to open eyes and minds to look beyond the casts of objects and landscapes and really use their sight to witness the impressiveness of our everyday life setting.

Oscar Wild once said, “the true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”. My art is all about taking time to slow down and see the visible beauty and vivid colour in the everyday whilst wondering could that feather that just fell before me be “just a feather?” or something more?

Once she got back in the saddle there was no stopping her! Producing series after series, she was an instant hit – the Feather series, the Cow series, the Wild Connemara series, the Una Taaffe series and the Galway City series – all aim to add a splash of colour to any space and depict the magical touch we have hidden here in our rolling green hills.

No signs of slowing down, the artist is only getting started with her creations and has big ambitions she’ll no doubt accomplish and then some, however at the core of it all she is simply looking to give people a slice of comfort with her pieces.

Whilst I would love to be stinking rich from my art and be the next Bansky, I would happily settle for people enjoying my art and for taking comfort from it, especially my Feather series. I would also love if my original Una Taffee series of paintings was displayed in a public Galway space.

Rounding it all off, we’ll leave you with an exclusive (oh yes, we give you the good stuff here!) insight into the real personality of the inspiring artist. Here’s five weird facts about Geraldine:

  1. I’m allergic to wine but put the allergy to the test often!
  2. I hate talking on the phone.
  3. I got my first ever trophy at age 50 when I got to the final in a local Strictly Come Dancing.
  4. I just made a website but am absolutely terrible with technology…
  5. I find it impossible to stick to a recipe or follow any instructions.

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