Tips on how to shop online to support Irish businesses during COVID 19

The Art and Craft of Ireland – how to find one of a kind Irish gifts.

Shopping locally means that your money is going to work in your community. Let’s use this time of reflection to assess where we buy and who we buy from.

Tara Prendergast

I am a fervent and enthusiastic supporter of Creativity and work really hard to promote artists and their work, both here in Ireland and abroad. One of my goals is to establish a robust Marketplace for people who share my love of Irish artwork and more importantly the humans behind the work.  An online space for people to easily browse Irish artists and crafters from across the country.

Taaaa daaaaaa! This goal is pretty much here and I am raising my arms up in the air ( like I just don’t care …ok couldn’t resist that ) to finally press LIVE and get this baby out of cocooning.

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy local, and that’s pretty much the same for me”

Tara from Biscuit


Buying Irish gifts online. 

With the onslaught of COVID 19 we have seen a huge shift in the way we purchase. 

The online space enables us to still get things we need and let’s face it the things we don’t REALLY need but we want. It also gives small Irish businesses a chance of surviving this pandemic. How can we play a part in saving thousands of people’s livelihoods? Two simple words…



You have a choice and rightly so. It has to make sense to your budget and also being able to find the thing you want but if we can be a little mindful of supporting our local artisans and producers when we come to pressing buy, it can have a huge impact. *** Disclaimer I am not the person who scolds those for shopping on platforms outside Ireland.*** I have a THING for pushing emotionally driven guilt restrictions on people. Who am I (or anyone else actually ) to tell people how to behave, how to purchase, and what NOT to engage with. BUY IRISH or you are a wanker…mmmmm that doesn’t really sit well with me. I get that this is from a place of heart to support Ireland and its Creatives but those notions have to fit in with reality and always be delivered with kindness…just sayin!

My message is this: if we are mindful of the choices and stop to assess those big or small decisions, we can have huge impact. It is as simple as that.

As my wise uncle George always says…keep it simple.

Grab your NOTIONS badge! Ha love these!

If we can SAY NO to big multi national stores who pollute the planet and get rich off the backs of those who are paid barely enough to eat. That is a positive step forward. If we can find alternative Irish based producers providing similar products within our budget then ‘ happy dance’ even better!

A brilliant way to support your local community or even on a broader scale support Irish artists is to shop at craft fairs, pop up shops, or for this COVID period of course online through places like this, The Biscuit Marketplace. There are also platforms created by other Irish business people like:

 9 Tips on how to shop online for Irish Arts and Crafts

1. If shopping online, make sure you check the Biscuit Factory Marketplace first ( shameless plug of course but sure feck it we have worked so hard to get us here…PLEASE SUPPORT! )

2. Make sure you don’t have to sign up and hand over your credit or debit card information until you are ready to buy.

3. Don’t rely on a simple email address or post office box, make sure you check that the trader is legitimate.

4. Always check the vendor’s reviews and see if there is any negative feedback. Be very careful with new websites ( ours is new) set up for single traders as they could be fraudulent. Remember if it sounds too good to be true. 

5. Make sure the website is secure. Check in the box with the website address that it is green with a padlock and not red. Google these days will show you that a website is secure using ‘https://’. If you click on the security icon you will be able to tell if the retailer has the proper encryption. You will also have to click on things like “accept cookies” and double-check that the website retailer is following the GDPR guidelines for securing your personal data.

6. Use a credit or debit card that offers you buyer protection. Don’t forget to check your statements to make sure the correct amount was charged or debited. Another option is to use Paypal or Stripe which have built-in protection guarantees for purchasers.  

7. When shopping online double and triple check the shipping options. If they are local then you won’t get stuck paying excessive customs, duties or taxes on the goods you buy.  

8. Check the fine print and understand exactly what the retailer’s return and cancellation policies are before you buy. You want to know if the gift doesn’t fit or suit that you can return it and get a full refund.

9. You should also check how to return the goods. Do you pay to ship back to the retailer or do they have a courier pick it up?

So now I’ve given you all these amazing and incredibly helpful tips it’s time for you to share them with the world and encourage everyone you know

to check out the NEW Biscuit Marketplace and start shopping whooop!

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