The Latvian artist with a flair for jewels


“bright colours, communicative simplicity and fascinating possibilities.” 

They say windy roads lead to beautiful destinations. This was most definitely the case for Latvian artist Liga Valge


After qualifying as a dress maker in her home country during the late 90s, she decided to put artistic ventures on the back burner and returned to school to study tourism. Following on from that, her path steered her towards teaching sports until becoming a mum and moving to Ireland in 2009 – the year everything changed. 

From the get go, polymer clay caught the ambitious artist’s eye, “It was this new exciting and versatile medium that allowed me to grow and bring joy to others.” Discovering all the possibilities the versatile medium had to offer, since 2011 Liga has been knuckling down, spending time honing her craft. Speaking of her journey she remembers:

“There have been many challenges along the way as I have had to learn to market, keep books, sell, connect, build the brand and much more but it gets easier with every year and supportive community of fellow creatives has played important role. I’m proud member of Bite the Biscuit, Form Designmade in Carlow and Design & Craft Council Ireland.” 

Looking back over the years, Liga has landed her work on some pretty impressive stages including The Contemporary Craft & Design Fair back in 2014. Fast forward to today, she takes pride in knowing that her company, Valg Studio jewellery, is still being one hundred percent designed and carefully handcrafted by herself in her Tullow studio. 

When it comes to inspiration, the devil is in the details for the Latvian native:

“The inspiration for my work comes from many sources but can be found primarily in the observation of small details within my immediate environment, my creative process and internal experiences.”

In a phrase her work can be summed up as, “bright colours, communicative simplicity and fascinating possibilities.” 

In terms of her current collection showcased on the marketplace, the pieces mainly feature floral and abstract designs including dainty floral earrings, colourful earrings and statement necklaces. She’s also incredibly proud of her sculptural wall art designs – Threadscapes. 

A bright future gleaming ahead of the talented creative, Liga would love to one day go back to her roots and re-explore her first love of dress making and find a way to combine her art into one eclectic mix. All in all, Liga hopes to continue growing and developing her craft whilst bringing joy to women in the form of quirky and colourful everyday accessories. If she can inspire them to show off their authentic personalities, feel confident and beautiful through her art then she will have reached the pinnacle of success! 

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