Liza Kavanagh | A country girl that found her solace in art… read HOW and WHY


A country girl to her boots with the soul of an introvert.

Sometimes you look at creative work and think, agh yeah that’s a lovely painting but I am sure I have seen that type of stuff before. Sure isn’t it grand, oh look a shiny thing over there, that looks interesting!

Then you come across work that hops off the canvas. It grabs you with familiarity and brings you closer pleasing the eye with pattern and falls of colour.

When I first saw Liza’s work in the flesh it did just that.

What impacted me most though was the girl behind the work. Gentle, funny and feckan tall…yeah yeah I am short and want to be tall when I grow up…still waiting.

Let’s dive in to Liza’s life a bit and get to know what makes the person who can create THIS 👇

A country girl to her boots with the soul of an introvert, Liza Kavanagh was born and bred in Martinstown, Kildare. With the Curragh Plains on her doorstep, the artist lives a busy life caring for her three children, husband, and two Vizsla dogs, yet always manages to fill canvas after canvas with vivacious creations. 

Graduating in 1996 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Limerick School of Art and Design, Liza has painted or created in some form for as long as she can remember. When chatting about her childhood, she remembered, “My poor mother would despair of me on holidays as I would be found tucked away in the back of the tent with colouring pencils and paper, instead of out in the fresh air with my siblings, but that love of colour and pattern and of being able to create something completely new and unique, that has stayed with me to this day.” 

Taking most of her inspiration from immediate surroundings, Liza doesn’t have to search for long to find a reason to put pen to paper, “The objects that fill my paintings, the colourful ceramic bowls, earthenware jugs, vases of blooms and patterned plates that often appear hold more than just their intrinsic value, they speak to me of the comforts of hearth and home and of familiarity.”

Lucky to have a maker’s habitat ready and waiting within the walls of her house, the painter tells of how she still adores the thrill of sketching a new idea for a painting, of arranging a group of objects and making the decisions about colours and the manipulation of the paint itself. This passion for creativity shone through in 2010 when she was chosen to represent Ireland in ‘Horsemania’ a public art event held in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Today, her work is held in both public and private collections and she is represented by Canvas Galleries, Belfast and Magpie Contemporary Art, Surrey. 

What does that magic wand look like for Irish artist, Liza?

She would love to be featured in an article in any of the well known lifestyle publications and having her creative work showcased would be a dream come true! 

I don’t know about you lot but I don’t think this is too far off Liza’s path and either do the attendees of ArtSource in the RDS last year. Liza SOLD OUT : her first stand at ArtSource SOLD OUT…will I repeat that?

Hit me in the comments and let us know what type of creative work you are into!



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  1. Loved reading all about Liza and I'm not surprised her work sold out - its fabulous. Something just pops doesn't it? I don't think it will be too long before you're in the glossy magazines. Good Luck - you obviously love what you are doing. Best Wishes, Liz.

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