Seller Information

What can I sell on Biscuit?

If you are a self-representing artist, designer or maker you are most welcomed to sell on Biscuit. 

If you are a group, collective, charity, social enterprise or similar, please email us at before setting up your shop to ensure you are eligible to sell on Biscuit.


Do I have to register?

You will need to register before you can set up a shop on Biscuit. To register we ask for the following pieces of information:

  • username – this can be anything you like as long as it’s one word with no spaces and contains only numbers and letters. If you are registering to set up a shop, choose something similar to the name you’d like your shop to be called. Usernames cannot be changed once registered.
  • password 
  • email – your main email address so we can contact you about your orders
  • your country

How do I register on Biscuit?

Please, see our welcoming video on what advantages do you get by becoming a member of Biscuit and how to set up a Vendors account.

To register, visit the registration page, click join in button and sign up.

To create an account you’ll need a username and email that isn’t already in use.


Setting up your shop

Input your shop details

You will need the following information:

  • Seller name
  • Shop name 
  • Describe your shop
  • Describe yourself as a shop owner
  • Shop Logo
  • Shop Banner
  • Your Country, City
  • Your e-mail address
  • Set up your Delivery Policy

How do I list an item for sale or create a draft?

You will need: 

  • a title and description for your item
  • up to 4 or more great product photos 
  • a price
  • shipping costs.


  1. Log into Biscuit and select 'Your Shop' > 'Add new listing' from the menu at the top of the page. 
  2. Fill in the one-page form - it should only take a few minutes! 
    If you have trouble uploading your photos, please make sure they are saved as a JPG or PNG file and are less than 2MB in size. 

Editing your STRIPE direct payment settings

On Biscuit Marketplace we use a trusted system called Stripe to process direct payments. You can enable Stripe for your Biscuit shop directly from your Biscuit dashboard.

For more details please, see Payment Method Set Up.



If you are selling a product via the Marketplace you will pay 25% commission on every sale. For the BETA period of the Marketplace, you will pay 10% commission. BETA ( testing ) period will stop in June.

If you are listing as a service and then you pay 20e per month. This monthly cost will go up to 60e pm once we hit traffic targets. 

Service-based Vendors get extra PR with the Marketplace via live interviews & service spotlight blog posts. 

If you provide both service & a product then you have to sign up as a service based vendor.


Can I put my shop in holiday mode?

Yes, you can. 

With the help of  VACATION MODE, you can either disable the products to hide or can continue selling with a message display for the customers in case you are unavailable to fulfill the order.
Your profile will automatically get active after your vacation ends.
If you continue selling, your product will be visible to the customer along with the message which makes it confirm that the seller is not available and is on Vacation for a certain time period.

To configure "vacation mode" details please go to:
- My Account section of your dashboard.
- In the Seller Vacation Configuration section, you can provide all your details going for a vacation for a specific time period.
- Please, enable “Visit For Vacation” button if going for any vacation and fill the required details to inform us and the buyer.

If you will not be available to fulfill the orders (on vacation), you can manage the product operation in two ways.
* Either disable all products or you can continue selling products by displaying a message on the product page.
* If you select “Disable all Product”, all the products which are added get disabled.
* If you select “Continue Selling” option, you need to write a message for customers which will be visible on the product page when you are on vacation.