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Connected Spirit paintings are a call to us to come back into the curiosity that awakens within us when we press pause on the illusory nature of ourselves and our worlds, and open ourselves to the space around and within us. Not to fill that space, but to just observe it, and let it perhaps peek back at us. You may sense its curiosity, which has an ever so slight pull, like current seeking water.


Size is 30cm high, 20cm Wide, 4cm in depth.


This painting is an oil on canvas, original art work. A Blockchain certificate of authenticity and ownership is also available on request for this work, at no extra cost.


Included as an additional option, at no extra cost, is a consultation with the artist to help you to explore your connection with this painting.


I believe the person who connects with and buys this painting, should get to name it, based perhaps on their connection to it. If you like I can then share that name with the Connected Spirit community on social media. 


For more info visit cs.ie

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