5x fabric face mask - pleated

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With this order you will get 5 face coverings for the price of 4! Assorted patterns, as pictured. Ladies and teen size for 12y up.

100% cotton fabric face covering helps to stop the spread of virus from wearer.

the mask sits very well on face, gaps are closed on cheeks, below chin and with a nose bridge on nose as well.

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100% cotton fabric barrier mask – fabric face covering (in the following description as “mask”).

Fabric masks are not of medical quality nor PPE, they are not intended to protect the wearer against viral infection. But they can reduce the transfer of virus from the wearer significantly.


the mask sits very well on face, gaps are closed on cheeks, below chin and with a nose bridge on nose as well.

– combination of patterned cotton on top and plain or another patterned cotton as lining.

– two layered, layers are sewn separately, are not stitched together, it is easier to insert filter

– with opening for inserting the filter (option for wearer to improve the safety of mask).

– with a tunnel on nose for inserting nose bridge.

– tunnels for ties are thin, and fabric on these tunnels can be gathered. The gaps on cheeks are closed, mask fits better

– few stitches below chin ensure, that mask fits here as well

I send them with thin hat elastic at the moment, white or black, two loops around each ear. elastic is long enough to wrap around head. If not comfortable or the elastic gets destroyed, you can use strips from t-shirt instead.

mask to be used only when it’s necessary to go out. the best practice to not to contain or spread infection is: staying at home, social distancing, washing hands with soap or disinfect them when water and soap is not available.

I make only 2 layered masks now. 3 layered mask only upon request.

wash after receiving and before first trying and wearing. open the envelope by tearing it, please don’t use scisors. fabrics are pre-washed at 60. due to elastic and nose bridge I recommend wash at 60. due to nose bridge and high water consumption during washing, I recommend to wash in a pot (60 degrees water can be made by mixing half of water from tap and half of boiling water). when dry, iron on highest temperature with steam, store on a clean place.

wearing the mask: put on your face with clean hands, don’t touch when wearing, remove mask with clean hands, place the mask into bag/ washing machine/ pot/ safe place where it can wait till next washing. wash your hands after handling the used mask.

not recommended for people suffering from breathing problems e.g asthma. remove the mask if you feel any breathing difficulties. not recommended for kids up to 2y old. kids up to 14y should wear it only under older person’s supervision.


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