"If I Dont Stop" Drawing on Canvas, using vibrant pencil colour, 60x60cms.


The challenge of getting up that last hill, over the last obstacle, I love this drawing from the beautiful farm lanes of South East Ireland. Made with Polychromo pencils on a primed canvas.
Drawing on deep edged primed canvas. 60x60cms x approx 4cms deep.

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This lane is where (If you don’t stop) you can lose yourself or find yourself-take your pick, a bit of a hill to get over but there’s always something you have to surmount.  I love drawing these winding lanes and finding meanings as I’m drawing, its lie a meditation… what if this or what if that.  There is a texture to the primed canvas which is highlighted by the texture of the vibrant PolyChromo pencils.  It is a good size for any wall, and would really add an interesting feature to your room.


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