Making Our Way


Made in answer to the confusion we are currently experiencing all over the world, if we make our way together we will get through whatever lies ahead. A drawing in pen on canvas, this is ready to hang on your wall and looks really good unframed – 40x40cms it will brighten up any area and get you talking about how we all can keep each other together on our journey.

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This style has been developing over the past few years and I have brought it from paper onto canvas, I would rather my drawings are not under glass and framed as it makes them too formal, I want them to be seen as they are and without too much embellishment – so this is a good way to bring them to you at a more attainable price and make it easy to hang anywhere you like. ┬áThis drawing is 40x40cms on canvas that is just about 1.5cm deep – i.e. not chunky.


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