Professor Montague's Rocket


Original Mixed Media painting on wood.

Professor Montague’s Rocket from my ‘Quirky House’ collection. Inside the door you will find the Professor with his glasses and his best friend who is a mouse.  They fly around in space, drinking tea and eating cake – Imagine the stories you could make up about them!

I love to paint houses of all shapes and sizes as ‘Home’ is my favourite word.

To me it conjures up feelings of love, warmth, safety and family.

Not just for children but for children of all ages!

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Professor Montague’s Rocket sits on a textured moon, surrounded by stars and planets.

It measures approximately 50 x 90 x 5 cm and is a mixed media piece on wood.

As a mixed media piece it is created with acrylic paint, paper, wood, metal, ink, wax and Polymer clay.

Each of these houses are part of a story based in my imaginary town of Loopaluu. This is that land where the Polly Dollies and their friends live and these are the houses they live in. If you like whimsical, make believe and magic then this painting would make a wonderful addition to you home.

*Please note that this is a piece of art, not a toy*


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