The End of the Path, pen on canvas, textured surface, 60x60cms.


This drawing marks the end of this path, and celebrates finding a new path around the corner… inspired by a recent walk at Ravens Point in Co Wexford. Pen drawing on Gesso primed canvas, 60x60cms x1.5cm deep approx (i.e. not the chunky canvas)

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The end of the path is only the beginning of the next path, Im having lots of fun with these drawings and coming up with ideas for new ones, I decided to put the drawings onto canvas so that they can hang in your space without a frame – I really dont love the reflections off glass that distorts the way you engage with a drawing, so this is ready to hang and enjoy and wonder over what is around that corner…… Just to note that the texture of the canvas is also interesting and not smooth but has a lovely feel to it and that roughness is part of the concept for these drawings.


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