5 novelty masks for €25

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5 masks set Mix of different novelty patterns including hippy van, diggers and tractors, dog print,Italian moped and trucks and cars.
save up to €20

These masks are handmade with love using 100% Cotton fabric,

Washable & Reusable
Soft elastic for around ears.
wash at up to 60 degrees
100% Cotton fabric
Pocket for filter on inside

Masks are NOT medical grade You can add a filter.
There are 3 layers of cotton fabric and different on both sides so you always know what side to wear inside and don’t mix up the outside layer . The middle layer acts as a filter and they can be washed and reused, also ironing them with hot iron in between use sterilises them.

why not donate a mask too those in need we donate the mask for free to local hospitals and homes we just ask you to donate €3.

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