Rustic Porcelain Handmade Wedding Ring Dish - Personalised for the Bride and Groom's Big Day

Vendor: Orla O Visual Art

  • €45,00

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Beautiful handmade porcelain Wedding Ring Dish - personalised with the Bride and Groom's names and the date of the Big Day.

One of a kind Wedding must have. This ring dish is the perfect modern alternative to the wedding ring pillow and will be a lifelong keepsake reminder of your special day.

This dish is made to order and measures approximately 4 inches in diameter. (may vary due to the firing process)

Each dish is handmade using the highest grade Ming Porcelain clay, with names/date imprinted pre bisque firing. The gentle curve ensures it sits perfectly in your hand and it has a flat base to sit steadily on surfaces. Once dry, the dish is fired in the potter's kiln at 1260 degrees Celsius. The high firing temperatures means it is very light, but very robust, resulting in a magnificently natural and pristine raw white finish. A brown jute thread is added to hold the rings in place, adding to its raw rustic look. A totally natural set of ingredients make this ring dish. 

Porcelain is whiter, lighter and smoother than other types of ceramics. This piece is made to last a lifetime and will become a family heirloom. 

This can be given as a beautifully personalised gift to the bride and groom to be as their engagement gift, or purchased by the wedding party to tick off one of their wedding day requirements.

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