Bumble Bee Brooch

Sold by: Alchemy


This unique Bumblebee brooch has attitude! It stands out on your coat lapel or holding your scarf in place. It can be worn as a tie pin or as a statement on your favourite bag.



Measures: 3.5cm x 3cm

Availability: 3 in stock


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This stylish, elegant brooch is handmade from the finest quality glacier porcelain giving it a translucent quality. The fine 22K gold detail on her wings and stinger catches the light and gives the brooch an exclusive feel. ┬áIt is exceptionally light weight – only 3 grams!


Each unique brooch is designed and handmade individually in my garden studio by myself out of porcelain before being fired in the kiln twice before a final firing to fuse the 22K gold to the glaze. The fine underglaze and gold detail is all delicately hand painted so no two are alike. Each brooch takes approximately a week to complete.


This unique Bumblebee pin comes in a gift box which makes a beautiful gift for a loved one.


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