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Kalachakra for the Goddess Mandala Limited Edition Print

Vendor: Healing Creations Mandala Art & Meditation

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Meditating on this mandala will bring to you a sense of balance and perspective.

This mandala is based on the Kalachakra mandala, which you may be familiar with from the sand mandala, for which coloured sand grains are painstakingly placed by a group of monks. The Kalachakra sand drawing represents a three-dimensional palace of which every single detail has a symbolic meaning. The monks spend many many years learning and training to create these wonderful and powerful creations.

In my own particular version of the mandala shown here, the inner circle holds a series of squares, which form paths from the central bindu holding the symbol of balance between the masculine and feminine energies. It feels almost labyrinthine, the paths folding in on themselves. When you look at the piece it can feel that you are looking down from above at the top of a pyramid, or if your perspective is adjusted, that you are looking down a tunnel and into infinity. Again there is polarity depending on your viewpoint at a particular moment in time. You cannot see both perspectives at the same time.

All prints are limited edition fine art archival pigment print on acid free paper. This means that the inks used will not change colour over time & will last 80yrs + under archival conditions. Each print is signed and numbered in a limited edition of 100.

All prints are reproductions of my original works on canvas. The original piece was created using acrylic paint and metallic pens on smooth canvas and measures 120cm x 120cm and has found a new home in Tomter, Norway.

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