'Little Stars' - Words in Porcelain

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'Little Stars' 

Words in Porcelain 

Bespoke Porcelain Art Tile with Magical Quote 

"May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon" 

This would be a beautiful gift for the Baptism / Christening of a Baby Girl or Boy. Could also be gifted for a Birthday. 

Details of the babys name and date of birth / christening will be imprinted into the Porcelain under the Quote. 

This piece can be further customised with your own words - words that you wish to impart onto the little one. Something inspirational, something they will always look up to!


Materials - Porcelain Clay

Process - Raw Porcelain is rolled to create the tile, words are hand imprinted. This piece is then fired twice in the potter's kiln at 1290 degrees celsius, making it solid to withstand all elements. 

The art tile is then mounted onto a white wooden frame (20cm x 25cm approx ), with an inscription written under the tile (if required), otherwise this will be left blank. 

PM me with any queries you may have in the first instance. 


**Will ship internationally

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