Malachite Copper Earrings


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A New  Collection of Earrings ‘ Nature Remembered … ‘

Flame Copper Leaf earrings.

I love leaves. Their simplicity and uniqueness amaze me. There are no two identical, they are always unique. I guess that’s why I’m so fascinated by colors, shapes, and textures.

Nature constantly surprises me with its simplicity and omnipotence. It is my great inspiration which I try to express in my jewellery work.

I was invited by Nature to do a Collection of Leaves.

This Collection of Leaf Earrings are entirely handmade from scratch.

These long copper earrings are truly one of a kind.

Hand cut from copper sheet, formed, textured with a variety of tools and then flame painted. 

Earrings are delicate polished.

The leaf was hung on sterling silver ear wire connected to a sterling  silver tube.

This earrings are one of kind.

To make sure that your earrings are always in the right place and are not lost during use, I put silicone earplugs to each pair of earrings to secure them on your ears.

Please make sure you do not wear them in the shower, swimming pool etc. and do not use any polishing agent on them.

Over time the copper will start to oxidise and the colors may change slightly. part of the beauty of copper jewellery is the rustic nature of the color developing over time.

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