Wild Splash Merino Wool Shawl

Vendor: Caraliza Designs - Fine Jewellery and Merino Shawls

  • €49,50

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This stunning merino wool shawl has a bright and vivid mix of both colours and patterns throughout.  It has shades of crimson, purple, peach and olive on one side and even more vivid hues of said colours on the other, with the motif including leopard print, the smudged paint effect and more.  This gorgeous piece, reversible and with a neat fringe at either end, is truly a bold statement piece to include in your collection, adding a real 'wild splash' of colour to any outfit!

These merino shawls dress up any outfit from casual jeans and t-shirt to elegant dresses, while the luxurious yet enduring wool ensures that they are a treasure to keep for many years. Each one comes with a beautiful care card with information on the wool and how to look after your precious shawl.

We recommend dry clean only.

Shawls generally measure 70 – 80 inches long and 24 – 27 inches wide.

Actual colours may vary slightly from those shown on screens.

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