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'Scaffolding' Words in Porcelain

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Poetry in Porcelain

'Scaffolding' by Seamus Heaney - Renowned Irish Poet

One of the first poems Heaney ever wrote. A beautiful metaphorical poem about marriage, Heaney wrote it in order to appease his wife in a time of crisis.

The idea of the poem being that the scaffolds are the integral elements of marriage, and that the wall is their marriage as a whole. If the scaffolding breaks and they have an argument, then they can be confident that their wall/marriage is strong enough to stand without the support of the scaffolding.


Materials - Ming Porcelain 

Process - Raw Porcelain is rolled to create the tile, each letter is hand imprinted into the clay, which is then fired in the potter's kiln at 1290 degrees celsius, making it solid to withstand all elements. 

The art tile is then mounted onto a white frame (20cm x 25cm approx) , with any inscription you would like written under the tile, otherwise this will be left blank. 


*Each piece is custom made, and so the image is a representation of the finished piece.

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