Silent Night Gift

Vendor: Naturally at The Wrens Nest - Natural Aromatherapy Soaps & Skincare for Everyday

  • €25,50

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Give the gift of Peace & Calm. I was thinking about peaceful nights and winter quiet when I put this gift together. Packed with soothing and calming lavender using both these products before bed might not guarantee a perfect nights sleep but they will help to unwind and switch off before bedtime and you will smell delicious getting into your bed for the night. They can of course totally be used in the morning too!!

You get a bar of my gorgeous Lavender Soap, packed with lavender flowers from the garden here at The Wrens Nest and lots of pure lavender essential oil - a gorgeous night time shower companion to help you unwind at the end of the day. Slather on Beautiful Whipped Body Butter after your shower and not only will your skin be beautifully soft and soothed but you will be so chillaxed a Silent Night is almost guaranteed!

This is the perfect gift for just about anyone but if there is someone in your life who loves flowers and gardening they will really appreciate the scents this box holds. It would be a great gift for a friend who never has time for, that all important, self care. This will help them to unwind. A great gift too for families with kids - full of super calming essential oils to help the kiddies switch off! Also a really great gift for someone with sensitive skin as the oils used are super soothing, calming and gentle.

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