Beardsmith Shampoo

Sold by: Beardsmith


Shampoo for the bearded man!


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A natural shampoo that will clean and moisturise you beard. This shampoo can be used daily. A small amount is enough for a luxurious lather and all over wash. Shake before each use.
Available in Beard Shampoo or Mint Shampoo. Comes in 100ml or 250ml Bottles.
Beard Shampoo Ingredients: Olea Europaea, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Cocos Nucifera, Theobroma Cacao, Pine Tar (Creosote Free).
Mint Shampoo Ingredients: Olea Europaea, Water, Cocos Nucifera, Potassium Hydroxide, Vittelaria Paradoxa, Simmondsia Chinensis, Mentha Piperita.
Caution: As with any product, test on small area of skin before use – if irritation develops, discontinue use immediately.


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