Texture Wall Art Threadscape

Vendor: Liga Valge

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Add a unique touch to your home with Valg Studio texture wall art. I named this one Dream Big.


This unique wall art handcrafted in Ireland invites you to take a closer look and evokes your deepest imagination. It is tactile and organic, bringing the feeling of the natural world into your home. In the creation process, extruded polymer clay threads are twisted and aligned, mirroring our everyday thoughts; the invisible connections we make with nature, ourselves, family and community around us.

Looking at Threadscapes, the viewer may notice and reflect on the fundamental things in life. The pieces bring to mind the rural landscape, traditional hand craft or perhaps an aerial photo of a Ring fort.



Tile: 11.5cm x 11.5cm

Frame: 25cm x 25cm


I'm very proud of my handmade tiles. All of Valg Studio products are 100% designed and carefully handcrafted to their very final touch in my studio in Tullow - town situated in the valley of the River Slaney in Ireland's Sunny South East.

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